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    Colorado Senior Counseling
    From Retirement Counseling, Midlife Change
    and Transitions to handling crises,
    I will help you on your path ahead.
  • Midlife Change
    I will help you through your Midlife
    Changes, Transitions and Crises.
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    Other Psychotherapy Specialties
Evergreen Chamber of Commerce Best Business Nominee

Breaking news:
Colorado Senior Counseling has been nominated by the Evergreen Chamber of Commerce for 2016 New Business of the Year! We can't wait to find out who wins this year at the Sparkle & Shine Awards & Holiday Gala on December 9 at The Pines at Genesee!

Colorado Senior Counseling

Colorado Senior Counseling specializes in helping Adults cope with life transitions, change and emotional problems. Some of our clients are approaching retirement, or may have developed an acute, or chronic medical illness. Perhaps, you have a traumatic event or family history that you are ready to tackle. Many clients have new or longstanding issues with spouses, children, or extended family that they would like some different ways of coping or addressing. Colorado Senior Counseling provides both individual and group therapy in the Denver metropolitan area. We can provide in-home therapy for people who are homebound, or who have transitioned into Assisted Living.

About My Services

Individual problems I address include:

  • Thinking about or adjusting to retirement
  • Divorce adjustment
  • Sadness that does not end for days at a time
  • Loss and grief that you need help handling
  • Feeling of anxiety, worry, or panic
  • Memories or painful experiences that have not faded, or that reappear.
  • Facing difficult decisions, stress, or upsetting situations.
  • Coping with Chronic or Acute Medical problems, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, Cancer, Diabetes.
  • Adjusting to Disability.
  • Help with career change or adjustment as you consider the next chapter in your life.

Medicare Accepted

Colorado Senior Counseling accepts Medicare!

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