Midlife Change / Transition / Crises


As midlife approaches, changing life themes and tempos become more and more apparent. Old maps used in earlier contexts and relationships - with parents, spouses, children, employers, and others - no longer seem to "fit the territory" as well as they once may have. Often an Identity Crisis ensues, and, very much like the self-discovery and invention that begins in adolescence, this phase of life is appropriately about re-discovery, fresh discovery, and reinvention. Family therapist and author Stephanie Marston puts it "Midlife is a psychological search and rescue mission." New territory, new mission, new map. Women particularly, in the past, but men too, have had few role models to help compass and navigate this phase of life.

Fear of the unknown, of making a "mistake", of deviating from others' expectations and typecasting, makes solo exploration and transition an uncomfortable, if not a terrifying, prospect. A guide is invaluable to repurposing that fear into productive excitement, and generative energy. My mission is to help both men and women in their missions to navigate this new territory, using coaching, EMDR, bibliotherapy, psychotherapy, and other modalities, as appropriate. Together, we can creatively explore, and exploratively create, in areas of known interest, and/or in discovered areas of interest along the way: careers - or next careers, family, sexuality, health and health.

If I am not for myself, then who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, then what am I? And if not now, when?